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Physician Jobs from Happy Day Health

Hi. I'm Lara.

I'm a Family Medicine Physician who feels very strongly that doctors should be able to find their joy in such a rewarding and meaningful profession.  

When the private practice I was working at was bought out by a large hospital system, I woke up to the shift that's happened in healthcare. I was flabbergasted at the contract, and even more surprised that my colleagues agreed to such one-sided terms.

I love empowering my fellow physicians not to settle for unhealthy work environments or unfair contracts. There are wonderful physician-friendly practices who want like-minded individuals to join their team.  

I believe that when a doctor and staff are happy at their workplace, they can enjoy every day and rediscover their passion that initially led them to medicine in the first place.  

At Happy Day Health I deliver a boutique experience with personalized attention by a physician who cares deeply about bringing the joy back into medicine for myself and my peers.

I really look forward to meeting you and helping you find the right fit!
Lara Hochman, [link removed]

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Integrative Pediatrician Oklahoma 12/04/21
Pediatrician Oklahoma-Oklahoma City 11/18/21
Internal or Family Medicine Physician for new comp... Connecticut 11/04/21
Rheumatology practice with partnership track Washington 11/02/21

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