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Physician Jobs from The Hire Connection

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Van Allen stumbled into the business of physician recruiting like most people did in the early 90’s and that was by responding to a job posting in the Sunday Classifieds. He learned the business by immersing himself in a very aggressive and robust environment and now he has spent over 20 years refining a craft that has his thumbprints all over it.

He relocated from Dallas, TX to Columbia, MO after spending a number of years working for one of the larger physician recruiting firms. Toward the end of wrapping up his post graduate studies in Health Services Administration, Tenet Physician Services asked him to assume the role of Regional Director of 9 primary care clinics throughout central Missouri. Not long after relocating to Columbia, Tenet sold the hospital to the University of Missouri and the executive team Van was a part of was not needed in the acquisition. He fell in love with Columbia and decided the only way he was going to remain in the area was to go back to his professional roots of physician recruitment.  He started his first recruiting firm called Timeline Recruiting in 1999 and  sold that company in 2006.   After sitting on the sidelines for a few years, Van decided to open his second recruiting firm called The Hire Connection. 

The Hire Connection has multiple locations including Columbia, MO, DesMoines, IA, Boston, MA, and Lake of the Ozarks, MO. 


Better Results for Your Medical Job Search

THC’s unique approach to recruiting, which fully utilizes technology for better results, more efficiently, and helps candidates and facilities realize their professional goals. 

How to Select the Best Physician Recruiting Firm

Perhaps you’re wondering, “How do I know what firm to select or which recruiter to work with as I begin my journey”. When making such an important decision, we suggest you start with these three considerations:

1. Have They Visited

Always ask the recruiter if they have personally visited the location they are sharing with you. If the answer is no, they are probably representing a Contingent firm that hasn’t done all their homework. This is not to say Contingent firms misrepresent opportunities. They do their best, but their services are limited, and without a site visit they are not sufficiently informed. As a result, you’re left with an incomplete overview of the community and opportunity, and a whole lot of questions.

At THC we get to know our opportunities firsthand and develop working relationships with the key players at each location, so we can confidently represent them in detail. This eliminates some of the potential train wrecks during the interview process.

2. How do They Select

Ask the recruiter how they conduct their selection process in terms of what opportunities they represent. If they present every opportunity that comes down the pike, rather than ones that meet your criteria, they may be wasting your time.

At THC we carefully hand-pick our opportunities and make sure they initially meet our rigid 3-pronged criteria: First, they must provide a competitive compensation and benefits package with tremendous upside potential. Secondly, we check out their leadership team: Is it forward thinking enough to survive in this fast moving ever-changing healthcare world? Finally, we make sure each opportunity provides an environment conducive to a candidate’s practice preferences, and additionally allows room for professional and personal growth.

Incidentally, these are just three of the considerations we sift through before officially partnering with an employer.

3. What Are the Politics 

Ask your recruiter what they know about the opportunity politics. Though turf wars and strained relationships are common in the healthcare industry, nobody wants to walk into a war zone unprepared.

At THC, we research all aspects of every opportunity to make sure no candidate enters a position littered with land mines.

We Take Great Pride

At THC, because our team takes great pride in providing every candidate with an amazing placement experience from start to finish, we work exceptionally hard to get the best results. Hopefully, our efforts today will cause you to think of The Hire Connection first in the future.