Psychologist Part Time (23122609)

Location: Florida-Pensacola - Milton
Duration: Permanent - Part Time
Job ID: BW (23122609)
Company: The GEO Group
Contact: Michele Dobos    Call: 5618930101
Job Updated: 09/21/21

Psychologist Part Time - BW (23122609)

Evaluates inmates/detainees/residents (I/D/R) for mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. Diagnoses disorders and determines the appropriate course of treatment. Responsible for directing and coordinating mental health functions as well as supervising and training staff members.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
Performs psychological evaluation on I/D/R population for mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. Provides appropriate diagnosis based on history and presenting symptoms and makes appropriate treatment recommendations.
Evaluates I/D/R’s mental status and severity of symptoms in determining the need for transfer to a higher level of care or placement under observation due to suicide risk or inability to adjust within regular population due to severity of symptoms.
Provides psychotherapy or counseling for the treatment of psychological disorders or mental illness.
Makes appropriate referrals as necessary to a psychiatrist or other licensed professional who specializes in prescribing psychotropic medication.
Demonstrates an awareness of the psychotropic medications, monitors medication compliance, and makes referrals to the appropriate licensed medical professional should the I/D/R exhibit possible medication side effects.
Instructs staff and officers in recognizing suicide risk factors and subsequent prevention techniques.
Provides in-service education for medical and correctional staff as required. Performs and trains staff on crisis intervention techniques as required.
Performs administrative duties in keeping accurate records of I/D/R encounters, documenting all services provided, filling out required reports and analyses as required.
Consults with the Physician or Psychiatrist as needed for the proper health care needs of the I/D/R.
Participates in review of the quality of care provided.
Performs other duties as assigned.




Minimum Requirements
D., [link removed], or [link removed]
Current license in Psychology in the state of Georgia (Current copy of license must be on file at the facility at all times.)
Two (2) years of correctional work experience is preferred.


Equal Opportunity Employer