Internist--Air National Guard locations nationwide sign on bonus $75k/3 yr --PT position

Location: Nationwide
Duration: Permanent - Part Time
Job ID: 22624152
Category: Internal Medicine Physician Jobs
Company: Air National Guard
Contact: Sean Brennan    Call: 8603247631
Practice Type:   Group
Job Salary:   Competitive
Job Posted: 01/19/21

Internist--Air National Guard locations nationwide sign on bonus $75k/3 yr --PT position - 22624152


This is an Air National Guard position requiring you to join the Air National Guard.  Must be able to pass the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) physical exam.  Must be 58 years old or younger or previous military experience.


1. Specialty Summary. Diagnoses diseases and renders nonsurgical care; provides consultation in complex cases. Manages internal medicine services. Related DoD Occupational Group: (see shredout explanation.)

2. Duties and Responsibilities:
2.1. Diagnoses and treats diseases. Prepares and reviews case histories and clinical records. Performs and directs diagnostic procedures, including x-ray examinations and clinical laboratory tests. Interprets test results and evaluates examination findings. Prescribes such treatment for internal diseases as drugs, physical therapy, and dietary regimens.
2.2. Manages internal medicine services. Formulates plans and procedures for internal medicine services. Schedules use of internal medicine clinics and diagnostic facilities and assigns nurses and medical technicians. Advises on type and quantity of supplies and equipment. Coordinates internal medicine services with other medical activities. Instructs interns and residents in procedures and methods of internal medicine. Serves as consultant on internal diseases.

3. Specialty Qualifications:
3.1. Knowledge. Fulfillment of education requirement satisfies this requirement.
3.2. Education. For entry into this specialty, a doctor of medicine degree or a doctor of osteopathy degree from an approved school of medicine or osteopathy is mandatory.
3.3. Training. Not used.
3.4. Experience. For award of AFSC 44M3, completion of a residency or fellowship in internal medicine acceptable to the Surgeon General, USAF, is mandatory. For award of AFSC 44M3X, completion of a suffix-specific fellowship program acceptable to the Surgeon General, HQ USAF, is mandatory.
3.5. Other. The following are mandatory:
3.5.1. For entry and retention of AFSC 44M1, current enrollment in an internal medicine residency program acceptable to the Surgeon General, HQ USAF. For entry and retention of AFSC 44M1X, current enrollment in a suffix-specific residency program acceptable to the Surgeon General, HQ USAF.
3.5.2. For award and retention of AFSCs 44M3/4X: Must obtain and maintain clinical privileges IAW AFI 44-119, Medical Quality Operations (or be immediately eligible for said privileges if assigned to a non-clinical position). A state license to practice medicine.
3.5.3. For retention of AFSCs 44M3/4X, must not have a revocation of privileges or permanent and substantial reduction, restriction, or denial of privileges IAW AFI 44-119.

4. *Specialty Shredouts:

Oncology (DoD Occ Code: 260144)
Cardiology (DoD Occ Code: 260142)
Endocrinology (DoD Occ Code: 260145)
Gastroenterology (DoD Occ Code: 260141)
Hematolgy (DoD Occ Code: 260105
Rheumatology (DoD Occ Code: 260105)
Pulmonary Diseases (DoD Occ Code: 260105)
Infectious Diseases (DoD Occ Code: 260105)
Nephrology (DoD Occ Code: 260105)
Geriatrics/Palliative Care Medicine (DoD Occ Code: 26010)
Sleep Medicine (DoD Occ Code: 26010)



4.  *Specialty Shredouts:

Suffix        Portion of AFS to Which Related

A           Endocrinology
B           Oncology
D           Maternal-Fetal Medicine
E           Urogynecology/Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery
F           Minimally-Invasive Gynecologic Surgery (MIGS)