Part Time Medical Director

ID: 21899684
Location: Pittsburgh, PA 16001 - US
Practice Type: Private
Duration: Permanent - Full Time
Contact: Padma Pillai
Posted: 07/31/2023

Wexford Health Sources, one of the nation's leading innovative correctional health care companies, provides clients with experienced management and technologically advanced services, combined with programs that control costs while ensuring quality. For nearly two decades, Wexford Health has consistently delivered proven staffing expertise and a full range of medical, behavioral health, pharmacy, utilization management, provider contracting, claims processing, and quality management services.

At Wexford Health our philosophy is that health care should not be considered a luxury for anyone. We simply care for those in need and the corrections environment is our venue.

Wexford Health has an exceptional opportunity for a Part-Time (3 hours/week) Site Medical Director to join our team of healthcare professionals at Butler County Prison in Butler, PA.


Leads and oversees medical practice in order to ensure and promote high-quality medical care and is ultimately responsible for all health care delivered at the site. Serves as a liaison between the medical/clinical staff, correctional site operations, regional & corporate offices, and the state correctional and medical leadership. Maintains a close working relationship and participates fully with the Regional Medical Director, Manager of Operations, and Site Administration (Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Health Services Administrator) in addressing and satisfying all administrative issues that arise at the site. Coordinates the services of physicians, physician extenders (e.g., physician assistants, nurse practitioners, etc.), dentists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and any other medical professionals working within the medical facilities at the site. Responsible for providing direct patient care to ensure timeliness and implementation of appropriate medical care. Responsible for resolving problems related to patient safety issues and patient complaints/grievances arising at the site. Responsible for maintaining utilization management and clinical practice standards through the application of the Wexford’s and Butler County’s clinical criteria. Participates in the development of medical/clinical policies and case consultation to clinical staff when asked. Maintains the highest level of medical quality and service at the site and represents organization clinical philosophy to patients, providers, facility personnel, and the community.



The Wexford Health Site Medical Director is responsible for providing leadership in administrative and clinical matters, clinical program development, quality management, utilization management and staff education at the site in a manner consistent with the corporate objectives and philosophy of Wexford Health Sources.


  1. Works closely with and maintains good relationships with the Regional Medical Director, the Manager of Jail Operations, site Administration including but not limited to the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendents and the state and county medical authority.
  2. Actively engages in helping to identify and facilitate the solving of all operational and clinical issues for their site(s).
  3. Coordinates with administration on planning and budget activities for the site, including: Budgeting, monitoring and reporting related to utilization management, offsite medical care, chronic care clinics and pharmacy utilization; Participates in developing, administering, and monitoring operating and capital budgets in conjunction with the Regional Managers and Site Managers; Participates in the development of proposed priorities for services and programs; Solicits medical staff input on new chronic care programs, medical equipment requests, and selection of general medical supplies; Identifies and implements cost reduction strategies; Participates in the implementation and maintenance of performance management plans, especially related to medical quality and patient/offender safety
  4. Participates in the hiring, orientation, and training of employees to ensure staff competency at the site. Supervises staff to ensure work assignments are carried out in accordance with Wexford Health, state, and county requirements.
  5. Implements and administers Wexford Health, state, and county policies and procedures consistently. Ensures site compliance with all policies/procedures and updates them as necessary to meet local, legal, and accreditation regulatory agency requirements.
  6. Keeps the Regional Medical Director and Wexford site administration informed of issues in a timely manner, including the submission of requested reports.
  7. Serves on appropriate task forces, committees, and regional, county, and community agencies/ boards representing the organization when requested and/or approved by the Regional Manager or Regional Medical Director.
  8. Makes presentations to the professional community in order to enhance the visibility and image of the organization when requested/approved by the Regional Manager or Regional Medical Director.
  9. Effectively communicates with the Regional Medical Director, Vice President of Operations, Site Medical Directors, Regional Managers and site clinical and administrative staff.
  10. Maintains the confidentiality of offender records.
  11. Accepts other duties as assigned by the Manager of Jail Operations or Regional Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer.

Clinical Programs

  1. Spends majority of time with direct patient contact and clinical care.
  2. Actively leads the evaluation and monitoring of chronic illness programs at their site(s).
  3. Ensures that the operation of the on-site infirmary at the site is in compliance with national standards (ACA and NCCHC) and that the scope of care provided is appropriate for the staffing and resources available.
  4. Ensures that established sick call processes ensure patient access to medically necessary services.
  5. Ensures that established suicide prevention programs are implemented to identify, refer, and treat patients who are at risk for suicide.
  6. Assists in the review of corporate, regional, state, and site-specific medical practices ensuring consistency with Wexford Health Sources’ overriding objective to promote high-quality medical care.
  7. Coordinates with site administration on ensuring that all patients scheduled to be seen are seen the day of their appointment. Is responsible for working with the site administrator and/or the Wexford Health site manager to minimize rescheduling of patients.
  8. Ultimately responsible for ensuring that an on-call coverage schedule is maintained and operating effectively for the site which ensures 24/7/365 physician coverage and consultation for the clinical and security staff. This includes the site medical director’s participation in that call schedule in an equitable manner.
  9. Responsible for identifying a cross-covering site Medical Director during his/her approved PTO and for planning in advance with other site medical directors as to emergency cross-coverage during unexpected time off.
  10. Ensures that on-call physicians and cross-covering physicians return calls promptly and in a time-efficient manner respecting the emergent and urgent needs of the facility.

Quality Management

  1. Actively participates in facility Quality Committees as requested.
  2. Actively participates in the Wexford Health Quality Management Committees as requested.
  3. Leads the site-specific Quality Management Committees to identify quality improvement efforts on an ongoing basis relevant to the site.
  4. Maintains a working knowledge of applicable federal, state and local laws, and standards of conduct, as well as other policies and procedures from national accreditation standards (e.g., ACA, NCCHC, etc.) in order to ensure adherence in a manner that reflects honest, ethical, and professional behavior.
  5. Oversees and actively performs peer review activities for the site’s clinical staff in accordance with Wexford Health policies and procedures.
  6. Actively participates in mortality and sentinel event reviews for the site and for the region when requested by the Regional Manager or Regional Medical Director.
  7. Ensures that the site maintains an effective infection control program that includes the prevention, identification, reporting, and control of communicable diseases in accordance with Wexford Health infection control policies and procedures.
  8. Assists as directed by the Chief Medical Officer, Regional Manager, Regional Medical Director and/or the Corporate Quality Management Committee in medical staff disciplinary matters.
  9. Actively participates in site, region, and corporate-wide efforts to ensure compliance with national ACA and NCCHC standards necessary for accreditation efforts as directed by the Regional Manager, Regional Medical Director and/or Vice President of Operations.
  10. Serves as a clinical liaison and resource to the site’s Superintendent and his/her staff. This includes the attendance at superintendent and state/county official lead meetings as requested.
  11. Oversees and helps to lead any and all efforts at the site towards the implementation and maintenance of electronic medical records, telemedicine, or administrative technology enhancements.

Utilization Management

  1. Actively leads all Utilization Management (UM) efforts at the site
  2. Works closely with and forms a good professional relationship with the Regional UM Medical Director.
  3. Actively participates in collegial reviews or referral reviews for all off-site referrals regarding all patients from the site.
  4. Responsible for ensuring daily communication for all patients from the site receiving inpatient medical care occurs and that this is communicated with the Site Administration as necessary or appropriate.
  5. Actively participates in pharmacy collegial reviews, ER retrospective reviews, and laboratory and radiology utilization review for the site.
  6. Participates in the evaluation of all off-site utilization for their site in order to ensure its cost effectiveness and clinical quality.
  7. Responsible for maintaining appropriate collegial/professional relationships with the UM staff.
  8. Responsible for maintaining appropriate collegial/professional relationships within the referral region with specialists, hospitalists, ancillary providers, transport providers, community and tertiary hospitals, and all other support groups that may be called upon to provide health care services for the patient population.
  9. Responsible for helping to identify (in conjunction with the Wexford Health Contracting department) appropriate, qualified specialists, hospitalists, ancillary providers, transport providers, and other support groups necessary to provide high-quality, cost-effective care to the site’s patient population.

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