Orthopedic sports medicine in Atlanta (2016)

Location: Georgia-Atlanta
Duration: Permanent - Full Time
Job ID: 20049598
Category: Surgery - Orthopedic
Job Updated: 03/01/18

Our need is anytime in 2018 /early 2019


The only program of its kind in our part of North Atlanta ortho sports, patients won't have to travel far to feel better at our brand new (2017) replacement state of the art Hospital.


Our growth is amazing!!


Currently we are adding two more floors.

1-8 light orthopaedic call,
Brand new office space
Level III (low) trauma center 40,000 ER visits a year
Hospital employed,
Hospital provided salary, benefits .

We offer an extra defined benefit plan (retirement) that is 100% hospital funded, that's right 100% funded by our hospital in addition to your private investments.

You would be one of two hospital employed fellowship trained sports surgeons in the area and take light call with other ortho surgeons on staff.



Your interest in all or some of the procedures listed below is a plus

-complex knee procedures

             - cartilage restoration procedures (autologous chondrocyte implantation/ACI, complex OATS)

             - posterior cruciate ligament reconstructions, posterolateral corner reconstructions

             - complicated revision ACL/anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions (requiring staged procedures, bone graftings, etc.)

- hip procedures (non-arthritic/ young hip preservation- this is a range of procedures, often a sub-specialty area within itself)

            -  periacetabular osteotomy

            - open femoral acetabular impingement treatment ( open surgical hip dislocation, valgus intertrochanteric osteotomy, etc)

            -  arthroscopic femoral acetabular impingement treatment ( hip arthroscopy- labral debridement, labral repair, chondroplasty, loose body removal, etc)

            -  open or endoscopic iliotibial band release

Our metro Atlanta county has a population of approx. 255,000, draw population of 400,000!!!

In 4 years 38% of our population will be over 65 years of age!!!

Weekend warriors!!

We have many high school and colleges in the area that are prime targets of our hospital.


Our facility has the exclusive rights to the school systems orthopedic needs.

Atlanta area residents can rest assured knowing patients receive expert care alongside the comforts of home at our facility. The practice will pair patients with a recovery coach, sports medicine primary care and provide group therapy options, and offer them assistance through the recovery process.

Contact information

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RE: Job 20049598
1307 Brookhaven Gardens Lane
Atlanta GA 30319
Call: (404) 816-1801
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