Nevada General Surgery Job in Northeastern community

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SMA912-0324 10/18/16
Job Category
Surgery - General/Other
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Not Specified

Northeastern Nevada community seeks a General Surgeon. Ideal surgeon would be one who is self directed with a wide range of procedures that they can offer. If you desire you can do some vascular, thoracic, colo-rectal, plastics, etc . as well as, Scopes. Laparoscopic skills and training highly desirable although not required.

You will find that this area offers key things that most metro and suburban areas cannot, such as:

-Less stress than most other areas -Sunsets and sunrises that you can enjoy
-More personal and family leisure time -Spectacular scenery and nature
-Higher earnings than in metro and suburban areas -No pollution
-Allows you to work less than metro and suburban areas -A healthier lifestyle
-Less competition – bigger fish in a small pond -A higher quality of life
-More opportunities professionally -Better payor mix
-A happier family environment -Higher reimbursement rates
-More favorable malpractice environment -Clear skies and starry nights
-Much less risk of hospital and personality conflicts -More chances to customize your practice

Job Posted: 06/14/17

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