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Company Information

The Go Recruit Me team of career specialists exists to serve medical professionals in turning jobs into careers. GRM believes that you – who give so much of yourself to help others – deserve rewarding and fulfilling careers.

They also understand the realities of all career moves and that you are simply looking for a better life for you and your loved ones. We think you deserve it and we will help you find it!

Go Recruit Me was founded by Shelli Saunders and with years of experience working with hundreds of professionals like yourself, Shelli and her team will make it easy for you to discover a better life.


Company History

In 2014, she began building her team of two: Darcy Morgan and Amy Catron and have since added Rhonda Allison, Hannah Rudd, Michelle Lopez, and Kim Rice. Together they have made Go Recruit Me strong contenders in the recruiting industry and with their drive and partnership are placing more and more candidates.

They are successful at finding good matches in this industry and their concentration is in placing Physicians, Nursing, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Pharmacy. Their approach is always being professional, yet easy- going striving to build and nurture relationships.