Physician jobs from Arc Health PBC

Physician Jobs from Arc Health PBC

Our co-founder, Dr. Phuoc Le arrived in the [link removed], leading him to dedicate his career to serving the most impoverished communities.

In 2018, he co-founded Arc Health, with the ambition to transform medical staffing into an industry focused on health equity and robust human resources for health in underserved communities. We offer flexible employment pathways and competitive compensation with the goal of enabling health care practitioners to make service to the underserved their first career choice.

OUR VISION is a world where the most vulnerable communities have access to the best health professionals.

OUR MISSION is to connect the best healthcare clinicians to the underserved, while utilizing an ethos embedded in health equity and social justice. We actively seek physicians and other advanced practice clinicians of multiple specialties to serve rural, underserved, and Tribal communities. We prioritize working with dedicated and energetic clinician leaders who embrace our mission and the practice of social medicine.


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