Interventional PMR - Anesthesiology Perm Part Time

Location: Florida-Tampa Bay
Duration: Permanent - Part Time
Job ID: 20452684
Category: Pain Medicine
Practice Type:   Group
Job Salary:   Competitive
Job Posted: 04/23/19

Permanent Part Time position available in Tampa Bay, Florida.  Work two-three days per week!  Should be Fellowship Trained and able to do all interventional procedures.  Interventional PMR or an Anesthesiologist that treats pain.  Great part time income!  Start to pay off those student loans while you're looking for a full time position.  This position does have the possibility of growing into a full time position.  Send us your CV.  We want to hear from you!  Competitive pay rate.

2-3 days per week in the Tampa Bay area.

Great job for extra cash!

Could turn into a permanent position.

Contact information

Company: All Care Consultants
Address: ATTN: Mark Stein
RE: Job 20452684
3333 W Commercial Blvd., Suite 101
Ft Lauderdale FL 33309
Call: (954) 666-0912
Fax: AllCareConsultantsInc

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