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Hawkeye Medical Placement, LLC Hawkeye Medical Placement is a physician and advanced practitioner placement firm founded by Kyle Leslie, who gained her extensive experience with a progressive healthcare system as an in-house medical staff recruiter. Hawkeye was formed with a singular focus: To bring together highly qualified candidates and job opportunities that offer a high rate of long-term success.

There is a considerable shortage of medical practitioners to fulfill a surplus of job openings within the healthcare industry. Too often, providers jump into positions that are not the right fit due to a lack of time available to devote to his or her job search. On the other side, healthcare organizations bear a heavy burden to fill open positions quickly.

Hawkeye Medical Placement has enjoyed a high rate of success in filling very difficult searches with excellent candidates in a timely manner. Whether you are a medical professional seeking a rewarding new career opportunity, or a healthcare organization with a critical position to fill within your organization, Hawkeye Medical Placement will find you the right fit.

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