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Katmai Health Services Katmai specializes in providing a comprehensive portfolio of healthcare specific solutions to the federal government.

Our management and staff have extensive expertise and experience in managing and supporting the largest government healthcare clients such as the Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

We specialize in identifying, recruiting, credentialing, on-boarding, and retaining qualified health professionals in our service areas. Qualified medical healthcare workforce team under our incredibly seasoned and talented medical professional Lynne Griffin. Ms. Boyer Griffin has worked in private sector recruiting and direct patient care arena. Lynne serves as our Senior Medical Recruiter and Program Manager. Our team comprises of Physicians, Nurses, Allied Health Staff, Administrative and Support Personnel, across a broad spectrum of healthcare disciplines.

Our additional service offerings include: Tele-Health Medicine Services, Radiology Services, Electronic Records Management, Research & Development Services, and Health IT.

For further information regarding our current and future opportunities contact Lynne Boyer Griffin at 301.332.6869 or email

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