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Brine Group Staffing Solutions Brine Group is a professional recruiting firm specializing in the search and placement of Healthcare, Information Technology, Sales and Computer Software candidates in permanent and temporary contract employment positions. We provide opportunities at the staff, supervisory, management, partnership and principal levels. Our mission is to provide outstanding quality, value added placement services of the highest reliability and integrity. In the myriad of employment agencies available, we stand out among them, simply for our philosophy, our approach toward the services we provide and the results we achieve. Integrity Our efforts focus on whatever it takes to earn your trust and establish and maintain lasting relationships. Professionalism We treat our clients and applicants with the care and respect they deserve. It's our business to listen to their needs, appreciate their differences, understand their perspective, and always place their interests and objectives first. Success & Excellence We embrace and enjoy the challenges of our profession and are dedicated to achieving our goals and assisting our clients and applicants in achieving theirs. Teamwork All our strengths come together and complement each other to ensure results for you.

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