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Veterans Health Administration - MA The Department of Veterans Affairs offers veterans the largest, most technologically advanced integrated health care system in the United States. We have 155 medical centers, 872 ambulatory and community-based outpatient clinics, 135 nursing homes, 209 veterans centers, 45 readjustment counseling centers, and 108 comprehensive home-care programs across all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. Territories.

There are more than 7.9 million veterans, their family members, and survivors enrolled in the VA health system, with 5.5 million seeking treatment each year. Currently, that annual treatment involves 773,600 inpatient visits and more than 60 million outpatient visits. More than 216,500 full-time employees and 100,000 health professional trainees work in interdisciplinary care teams to deliver those patient services daily.

VA’s patient population crosses a wide spectrum of individuals, from elderly World War II veterans, to baby boomer Vietnam vets, to today’s younger heroes who served during the Gulf War era and in the present day Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. VA also serves a growing number of women veterans, who currently account for 7 percent of the total veteran population. They all answered a call and they proudly served.

At VA, we are committed to serving veterans’ health care needs in a like manner. We hear their call and we proudly dedicate ourselves and our resources to providing the absolute best continuum of medical care.

Representing unique healthcare opportunities in all disciplines, in New England and throughout the country.

Once you consider the satisfaction that caring for those who have served can bring, along with the worklife balance and clinical and leadership development opportunities the VA provides, you'll wonder why you didn't check into it before!

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