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Prospira Pain Care About Us Prospira Paincare Prospira PainCare is the nation’s premier provider of comprehensive,multidisciplinary pain management services. Our business model is based upon building partnerships with industry leading physicians to accelerate the value of each practice through organic growth of the patient base combined with operational efficiencies leading to increased profitability. Our network of physician partners delivers high quality, individualized pain management services for patients suffering from acute or chronic pain. Prospira PainCare’s commitment to the highest standards of care will enable us to advance innovative therapies that restore the health and quality of life while delivering superior outcomes for our patients. Prospira’s Mission and Vision Our mission is to provide hope to people in pain for a healthier tomorrow. Our vision is to partner with industry leading physicians to build the highest quality and most efficient comprehensive pain management practice that improves outcomes for patients and for the broader healthcare system. Prospira PainCare’s Values Excellence Our patients, their families, and our referring partners select Prospira PainCare because we strive to be the best in our industry at what we do. We are never satisfied with the status quo. We set a high bar for delivering excellent quality, service, and outcomes. And we measure our performance so that we may continuously improve the delivery of patient care and our business performance. Respect We treat our patients, their families, our referring partners, and our colleagues with the utmost respect. We are considerate of one another and we practice the golden rule in all of our relationships. Accountability We accept personal responsibility for our goals, actions, and results. We hold each other accountable for achieving the high expectations we have for one another. Teamwork We are committed to building and maintaining a culture where teamwork is highly valued and appreciated. Teamwork reflects our shared commitment to one another and the patients we serve. Integrity When faced with choices, we always do the right thing for our patients and our practices. We strive to align what we say and what we do. Positivity Through the gift of a smile, a shared laugh, a hug, or a simple touch, we strive to maintain a positive environment for our patients and families as they seek healing and recovery, and for our colleagues to achieve their fullest professional potential. Prospira Prospira PainCare delivers truly integrated pain management services for acute, chronic or intractable pain. Our network of world-class pain management experts provide individualized treatment regimens through an interdisciplinary approach to pain management. Providing hope to people in pain for a healthier tomorrow. Let's Dance™.

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