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ProsperMed Staffing, LLC ProsperMed is a full-service healthcare staffing agency based in Houston, Texas. Our company provides staffing solutions to hospitals and facilities throughout Texas. We work with healthcare professionals and high-level clinicians and we have a large network of physicians that we've built relationships with. Our successes is a result of collaborating with employers, job seekers and our dedicated team of staffing experts. We provide permanent, temporary, part time and full time staffing. If you are in need of highly qualified healthcare professionals that are well-matched to your hiring standards and job specifications, we can help you find the right candidate for your organization. Schedule a free consultation with one of our recruiters. You can contact us via email: or telephone: 713-999-1270. ProsperMed is one of the best medical staffing agencies in Houston Texas. ProsperMed has long-standing relationships with healthcare facilities all over the United States. We match healthcare practitioners with the most rewarding career opportunities based on their location, experience and skill set. ProsperMed Staffing is woman owned and operated, we thrive off of diversity and inclusion, and we value integrity and relationships with our clients and candidates.

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