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Synergy Surgicalists “Going beyond locums to build partnerships and deliver service…Surgical Solutions Provided by Surgeons”

Mission Statement: Synergy Surgicalists transforms the way orthopedic, general surgical, and trauma services are provided while delivering the highest value to our patients, hospitals, and physician partners.

Synergy Surgicalists was founded in 2012 by John Campbell, MD, MBA and Rand Schleusener, MD, MBA. Synergy is a national company created by surgeons, for surgeons, facilities, and patients. The company goal is to build highly skilled teams of acute care, general, orthopedic, and trauma surgeons to provide the highest quality patient care in the acute setting and in rural communities 24/7/365. Our partnerships bring significant, positive outcomes to patients, our facility partners, and our surgeon partners.

Synergy Surgicalists has identified a need for specialty surgeons to separate private practice and acute hospital care for patients. Synergy brings collaborative, high-quality surgical solutions to the communities where we work. Our team members have flexible work schedules, competitive compensation, and paid malpractice insurance. Partnering with Synergy allows the surgeon to focus on what matters most — a balanced lifestyle that includes family, friends, and an outstanding surgical practice.

Synergy Surgicalists’ leaders have more than 50 years of combined surgical, emergency department, and nursing experience. This team understands the stresses of the typical surgical career that includes both elective care and emergency coverage. Unique to Synergy Surgicalists, our leadership strives to go beyond a temporary locums assignment and instead create a stable, consistent partnership of care provision that delivers the highest quality outcomes for the facility, the patient, and the surgeon.

Facilities and surgeons interested in exploring a partnership with Synergy Surgicalists speak directly to members of our Executive Leadership Team with open and honest communication. Our strong commitment to our facilities, our patients, and our surgeon partners is what makes Synergy Surgicalists a powerful resource to provide superior acute care orthopedic, general surgical, and trauma services.

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